About DAKS



It was in 1894 that Simeon Simpson set up a business as a bespoke tailor in Middlesex Street in London when he was only 16 years old. He was skilled at drawing straight lines and regular curves by hand and soon earned a reputation for “Simpson Suits”. In the 1930s, Alexander Simpson, the second son of the founder, followed the invention of the first self-supporting trouser in the world with a patented waistband called “DAKS TOP”, DAKS was able to replace existing styles and develop its business dramatically.

Alexander Simpson and Dudley Beck, his trusted business partner and also a personal friend, were brainstorming over a suitable name for their revolutionary new trouser line. At last, by combining their initials, the “AS” of Alexander Simpson and the first and last letter of Dudley Beck “DK”, they devised “DAKS”. The Simpson family also liked the name, because it recalled their much loved and respected founding father, the “Dad” of the firm, Simeon Simpson.

In 1936 the Simpson Piccadilly department store was opened in London. It became the brand’s headquarters and was very much in the public limelight and the sights of London. DAKS brand policies have remained unchanged since the foundation of the company, the principle of “High Quality and Fair Price” earned a reputation from customers. DAKS made full use of the know-how of manufacturing menswear to start a womenswear business in 1937.

DAKS continues to enjoy the privilege of holding the three Royal Warrants from HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and HRH The Prince of Wales. DAKS’ pride in perfect manufacturing has continued throughout its history. Based on the philosophy of “Seeking Perfection” & “Quality First”.

Indeed, DAKS has always formed part of the British fashion story with a very up-to-date attitude. DAKS will maintain its traditions as a respected Royal Warrant holder and will retain its reputation of reliability among its customers.


The current Warrants are granted to DAKS Limited by three Members of the Royal Family, HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and HRH The Prince of Wales.DAKS is a proud holder of all three Warrants and is one of only 14 firms (out of a total of some 729) to do so, only five being in the fashion industry. Our Warrant from HM The Queen dates back to 1962, our Warrant from HRH The Duke of Edinburgh from 1956 and our Warrant from HRH The Prince of Wales from 1982.

The Royal Warrants are a hard-earned reflection of the excellence of product or service and are rigorously scrutinised every five years through the Royal Warrant Holders Association. Since our origin in 1894, DAKS has supported the principle of high quality at a fair price. Its long-term holding of the three Royal Warrants is evidence of the high regard and trust enjoyed by the brand.

Note: The figure for the number of companies that hold Royal Warrants is valid as of Mar 2019.


As we reached the 1970s, the DAKS brand became clearly distinctive from other brands because of the unique DAKS House Check and tartans. The DAKS House Check, incorporating the colours of camel and vicuna, two of the most luxurious fibers contrasted with black, was devised in 1976. This three colour combination of camel, vicuna and black was used not only for DAKS products but also for DAKS packaging and advertisements. The DAKS Tartans (Originated by DAKS) increased in variety to 11 different styles and, together with the House Check, became synonymous with DAKS.


The DAKS brand was established when Simeon Simpson set up a bespoke tailoring business in Middlesex Street in the City of London in 1894.

The Coat of Arms commemorates its origin. The cross in the centre of the Coat of Arms represents the City of London; the narrower horizontal bar represents Middlesex Street, a narrow street crossing Whitechapel High Street, the thistles which surround the cross are the symbol of Scotland where the main DAKS factory was located. The male fist rising from the crown signifies excellence as in the outstanding menswear product. The fist grasping the globe at the top of the Coat of Arms indicates the worldwide scope of the operation. “ASPICE SEMEL” (“at a glance”) is the Latin approximation of the DAKS motto “One look tells you it’s DAKS”.

The Coat of Arms was devised in 1969 and registered officially later by College of Arms, an organization under the direct influence of the Royal Family.