Introducing DAKS x Mr. Slowboy...

To celebrate the launch of the DAKS x Mr. Slowboy collection we caught up with the creative mastermind that brought 'Max', our illustrated Dachshund, to life - Fei Wang, aka Mr Slowboy. To celebrate 130 years of DAKS, this exclusive unisex capsule collection will be sold globally and at The collection offers a relaxed, yet timeless take on our DAKS style, simply adding the missing pieces to your DAKS capsule wardrobe. This is brought to life by joyful illustrations, a component of DAKS' marketing that has long been a rich part of our history. 


How did you find yourself becoming an illustrator? 
I have always been passionate about drawing since my childhood and never gave it up, even when I was working in advertising. The most fascinating thing for me is to create artworks with subtle hints of hidden stories or information which allow people to read and interpret the drawing through their own imagination and that’s exactly the essence of illustration.    
How would you best describe your illustrations / work style? 
My illustrations are all done by hand with watercolour and colour pencil on paper in a traditional fashion which is nothing special. However, as fashion illustrations, my work was focused on the humour and pleasant mood brought out by the clothes and the wearers.
What inspires your work the most? 
My major inspiration is from the stylish people I come across on the street, each one of their styles is so authentic and unique which blend their personalities and clothes perfectly in a charming way. It’s so enjoyable to just wander around the city watching and studying people. In terms of artistic expression, the Ivy Boy created by Mr Kazuo Hozumi and the caricatures from the Vanity magazine in the late 19th and early 20th century influenced my work the most when I started creating Mr Slowboy.
What do you most enjoy about working with fashion brands? 
Men’s fashion is the main subject of my art, and working with fashion brands allows me to focus on this subject without distraction, while developing my techniques and artistic styles. It also provides me opportunities to learn from extensive amounts of creativity and stylings through studying the look book or accessing the archive that offers me an even deeper understanding of the development of the concepts and ideas behind the garments. 
What did you know about DAKS before you started working on this collaboration? 
Interestingly enough I got to know DAKS through the illustrations made by Max Hoff, who in some sense founded the visual identity of DAKS, and the classic British retro styled suits from 2018 SS collection also impressed me to a great extent.
Did you know about DAKS' history with illustration with their work with Max Hoff? And did this influence your work with DAKS?
The Gentlemen portrayed by Max Hoff and René Gruau who was also a world-renowned fashion illustrator at the time are the best representation of the men’s image in the 1950s and 60s during the cultural boom after World War II. They all looked extremely confident and cheerful, celebrating the greatest recovery in human history by dressing up nicely. The uplifting spirit and optimism expressed through the signature smiling faces in his work are so powerful and unforgettable, which profoundly influenced my work too. It makes perfect sense again as we are coping with another recession now.
What was your inspiration when creating your DAKS 130th Anniversary illustrations?
The leading character in this series of anniversary illustrations is the dachshund which used to be the motif of DAKS. I tried to revive it with an updated look and feel.
Which illustration is your favorite from the DAKS collaboration? 
That's a very difficult one, I love them all, honestly. 
Which item is your favourite in the DAKS x Mr. Slowboy collection?
Definitely the knitted jumper in superfine merino. The translation from my drawing to the design pattern was done brilliantly with crazy details.
What's next for Mr. Slowboy?
I’m currently working on a personal project which is documenting the well-dressed, stylish gentlemen across regions and ethnicities in different parts of the world by making life sketches for them. The style is more expressive and relaxed than what I’m doing now and I hope I can put them together into another book soon.

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